Problematic Behaviors Treatment in St. George, Ut.

Suicidal Ideation

Suicidal thoughts are common, and many people experience them when they are undergoing stress or experiencing depression. In most cases, these are temporary and can be treated, but in some cases, they place the individual at risk for attempting or completing suicide. If a loved one is having these thoughts, measures should be taken to help and protect them.

Self Harm

Self-harm is considered a process or behavioral addiction. Unlike Gaming and Gambling, it is a behavior that people generally engage in because their typically report feeling numb or not real and they want to feel something. Self-harm behaviors are way to end or get out of the typical disconnect and avoidant mentality and behaviors that lead to the persistent numbing experience. Like other process addictions, it is easy to conceal and therefore also isolating. Like other addictive behaviors, it is unwanted and at the same time people feel compelled to do it. As with other addictive behaviors and tendencies, shame is a major influence in the presence and severity of self-harm behaviors. It is not impossible to overcome but does require a strong desire to change as well as a strong support system and a willingness to practice being aware of and present with emotions daily. EMDR and Parts work are particularly helpful treatment methods for this experience.


Research studies vary, but the age of children starting to view porn is getting younger and younger and currently sits between the ages of 6-9. About 70% of men view porn and 30% of women do. When porn addiction goes unchecked, it leads to riskier behavior such as affairs and other forms of infidelity, massage parlors, escorts and prostitutes and other problems. The factors that contribute to sex addiction vary, but generally include some dysfunctional relationship factors, trauma and attachment issues. The flip side of sex addiction is sexual anorexia or the avoidance of all things sexual – which is also problematic. There is help for both sex addiction and sex anorexia.

Video Games

Video game addiction is a clinical impulse control disorder. It is often difficult to know if your loved one is addicted to video game playing is if they are using it to alter their mood. Those who play for hours each day become withdrawn and isolated, foregoing work, school and other responsibilities to play. Younger addicts often miss out on critical education and important social development, while adults tend to experience deteriorating relationships and problems with their employers.

Other compulsive behaviors or habits

Millions of people suffer from one form of compulsive behavior or another. Some common activities that can develop into compulsions include shopping, hoarding, eating, gambling, exercise, and body-focused behaviors, such as hair-pulling and skin-picking. In fact, any behavior has the potential of becoming a full-blown obsession. Some people even talk compulsively, where their incessant chatter sometimes reaches a point of inappropriateness. A compulsive person performs these behaviors to relieve underlying anxieties or negative emotions. In extreme cases, compulsive behaviors start to rule the sufferer’s school, work, home, and social life at the expense of normal activities.

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